Europe day (and beyond)

Celebrate the Europe day with a Conference and a dinner organized by the University of Pisa and ESN

Have you ever been thrilled to discover new Nations, People, Cultures?

You can just come and listen to the conference, but if you’re up to it, you can take the stage for 5 minutes to make us fall in love with your Nation!

Present us your hometown, tell us something special, something unique; it might be a secret spot that no one knows, a fun fact, a dance move, or an amazing habit… the stage is yours!

Give it a shot, because the most interesting speech will be awarded with a mysterious prize!

The event will be completely FREE!

Reserve your spot here if you want to join the conference!

Fill up this form if you want to take the stage, don’t be shy!


Tuesday May, 9th


Aula Magna Polo Carmignani

Torna in cima