Non-EU citizens with residency abroad

If you are a non-EU citizen living outside of Italy, you must first pre-enroll on the Universitaly Ministerial Portal in order to apply for the study visa at the competent Italian diplomatic headquarters abroad. More details are available in the dedicated pages of the University website, or on

The application requires three steps:

Eligibility on Admission Requirements

Prior to the pre-enrolment procedure, a preliminary evaluation of each individual application is carried out by the Coordinator of the Master Degree program. If found suitable for enrolment, a letter of eligibility for enrolment is sent to the individual candidate.

Applicants shall apply online at the following dedicated website

In the application form, applicants must include:

  • a declaration of knowledge of the English language, specifying the duration of studies and the type of certification held;
  • the academic degree they possess, with an indication of the legal duration of the course (at least three years), together with a copy of the degree certificate and transcripts (translated to English or Italian);
  • a copy of a valid passport;
  • a copy of their complete Curriculum Vitae et Studiorum covering their education program, as well as any other relevant cultural and professional experience that might help the Coordinator to evaluate the applicant.

All documents must be in Adobe pdf format.

Applications missing any of the required documents are not considered valid and will not be processed further. No integrations will be accepted after the call deadline.

Application deadlines and selection schedule

  • applications are open from the publication date of this Call to June 1, 2022, 12:00pm (GMT) till June 30, 2022
  • notifications of admission/rejection are delivered by July 15, 2022

Preliminary evaluation and letter of eligibility for pre-enrolment

The Coordinator of the Mater Degree Program will assess the applicants’ background and education, their potential skills and attitude to attend the offered programme.

If necessary, an interview may be set up with the applicants: they will be interviewed by the Coordinator, who will evaluate their motivation, expectations, and technical skills, as well as their mastering of the English language.

Notification of admission/rejection will be delivered to applicants by June 15 via email. The admitted applicants will receive a formal admission letter by email. The latter must be included in the pre-enrolment documentation to apply for a Student Visa.


Detailed pre-enrolment instructions are available here (please visit only PRE-ENROLLMENT REQUEST TO MASTER’S DEGREE PROGRAMMES HELD IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE)


Detailed enrolment instructions are available here. NB enrolment is possible only after receiving a formal admission letter (see Application procedure and due documentation)

Admission Requirements

Applicants must hold:

  • a BA, or equivalent first-cycle degree, obtained abroad after the completion of a three-year (minimum) course of study, providing a suitable background in Egyptology and/or Oriental Studies.

Note that:

  • we also consider applications from students who expect to get their BA degree by their pre-enrolment deadline (which is set by the Italian embassy or consulate in their country). Their admission will be subject to their obtaining the degree by the specified deadline;
  • the Coordinator of the Master Degree Program will evaluate the suitability of the applicant’s degree only for the purpose of this competition. The admission of candidates holding a qualification issued in a non-EU country will be subject to verification and recognition of legitimacy by the Italian deputy diplomatic authorities.
  • Knowledge of the English language, comparable to the level B2of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, is also required.


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