Fees and services

There are two different types of fees:

  • IPH fees (€ 2,850)
  • University Tuition fees*

Year 1 of the IPH programme: Students need to pay IPH fees + University tuition fees.

Years 2 and 3 of the Bachelor’s degree programme: Students pay University tuition fees only.

University Tuition Fees vary between € 407 and € 2,452 depending on the country of origin and academic merit. These will be paid in 4 instalments: the first one in September, the second one in March, the third one in April and the fourth one in May. Details will be provided once students are enrolled.

This cost includes in year 1:

  • Lesson time
  • Italian language courses at CLI
  • Individual sightseeing trips
  • Access to the University dining halls (with discount) and the University library
  • Assistance from an Academic Tutor and a Logistics Coordinator

The total amount of IPH fees (€ 2,850) is due before you get to Pisa, not later than August the 7th, 2020. University tuition fees are paid by students once they get to Pisa.

Payments must be made via bank transfer to the Università di Pisa. Bear in mind that the money transfer costs have to be paid by the student.

You will need the following information in order to make the payment:

  • BANK name: Banca di Pisa e Fornacette – Credito cooperativo
  • IBAN number: IT22Y0856270910000011156494
  • BIC or SWIFT code: BCCFIT33
  • Reason for payment: PROGRAMMA IPH – Prof. Sergio Cortesini

Make sure you ask for a receipt.