International Programme in Humanities


    The International Programme in Humanities (IPH) is a one-year programme taught exclusively in English.

    It is also the first year of a three-year Bachelor’s Degree Programme in:

    • either History
    • or Cultural Heritage Studies
    • or Science of Communication and Performing Arts.

    Students will experience a full immersion into Italian language and culture, which will then prepare them to study years 2 and 3 mainly in Italian.

    A Brochure is available here.



    The first year is divided into two terms. These are the term dates for the academic year 2018-19:

    First term: 10th September 2018 – 15th February 2019

    Second term: 25th February – 19th July 2019

    Students are advised to arrive in Pisa by September the 3rd. The welcome meeting will be held on Monday the 10th (more details to follow)



    Students must obtain 60 ECTS credits for the entire year: 

    • 48 ECTS credits are obtained from attending lessons taught in English and passing the respective exams (24 ECTS each term);
    • 12 ECTS credits are obtained from attending Italian language courses at the University Language Centre, CLI and passing the final exams.

    Those who pass all exams from the two terms will receive 60 ECTS credits. This will be recognised as equal to the first year of one of the four Italian degree programmes previously mentioned.


    For details on applying for the Programme, see below sections (How to Apply; Requirements)


    Range of courses offered

    Students will take 4 courses each term (among those listed below), according to the degree they are enrolled in.

    First / second term* N. ECTS credits Weeks/Hours
    Classical Civilizations 6  9 weeks (4 hours a week)
    Classical Archaeology 6  9 weeks (4 hours a week)
    Medieval Art 6 9 weeks (4 hours a week)
    The Renaissance in Italy 6 9 weeks (4 hours a week)
    Modern and Contemporary Art 6 9 weeks (4 hours a week)
    Introduction to Philosophy 6 9 weeks (4 hours a week)
    Aesthetics 6 9 weeks (4 hours a week)
    Medieval History 6 9 weeks (4 hours a week)
    Modern Italian History 6 9 weeks (4 hours a week)
    Italian Literature I 6 9 weeks (4 hours a week)
    Italian Literature II 6 9 weeks (4 hours a week)
    Italian Cinema 6 9 weeks (4 hours a week)
    Italian Music 6 9 weeks (4 hours a week)


    Fees and Services

    There are two different types of fees:

    • IPH fees (€ 2,500)
    • University Tuition fees*.

    Year 1 of the IPH programme: Students need to pay IPH fees + University tuition fees.

    Years 2 and 3 of the Bachelor’s degree programme: Students pay University tuition fees only.

    University Tuition Fees vary between € 407 and € 2,354 depending on country of origin and academic merit. These will be paid in 4 instalments: the first one in September, the second one in March, the third one in April and the firth one in May. Details will be provided once students are enrolled.


    This cost includes in year 1:

    – Lesson time

    – Italian language courses at CLI

    – Individual sightseeing trips

    – Access to the University dining halls (with discount) and the University library

    – Assistance from an Academic Tutor and a Logistics Coordinator


    The total amount of IPH fees (2,500 €) is due before you get to Pisa, not later than August the 3rd, 2018. University tuition fees are paid by students once they get to Pisa.

    Payments must be made via bank transfer  to the Università di Pisa. Bear in mind that the money transfer costs have to be paid by the student. 

    You will need the following information in order to make the payment:

    BANK name: Banca di Pisa e Fornacette – Credito cooperativo

    IBAN number: IT22Y0856270910000011156494

    BIC or SWIFT code: BCCFIT33

    Reason for payment: PROGRAMMA IPH – Prof. Arturo Marzano

    Make sure you ask for a receipt.


    How to Apply

    In order to apply, students must fill in the IPH Application Form and send it to this email address in addition to the following documents: a copy of your passport; your CV; an official Transcript or a copy of your Transcript; a copy of your High School Diploma; a certificate confirming the knowledge of English language (see below).

    Application deadline: April 30th, 2018 (EU students who do not need VISA are allowed to apply until June 1st, 2018)

    Students will be informed whether they have been accepted or not by May 15th (EU students will be in formed by June 15th). Those who have been accepted will receive by email an acceptance letter.


    Requirements to apply to the Programme

    Students who are interested in applying are required to have:

    – A good knowledge of English (B2 language level). Some form of certificate is required. Knowledge of Italian is not required (students will learn Italian during their first year). Each candidate will have a  Skype interview with the Evaluation Committee in order to prove his/her English knowledge.

    – A High School Diploma after studying a minimum of 12 years (i.e.: elementary, middle and high school combined). If you have not finished High School yet you can send your latest school evaluation.                                                         American students, please beware that in order to enroll in an Italian university, it is not enough to have 12 years of schooling. You must have also obtained 3 Advanced Placement courses before finishing High School. These courses must include one in Italian and two others in topics related to the degree programme you wish to pursue. Alternatively, there are two other options: you must have either already studied two  years of College/University  or you must have studied one year of College/University and have studied 4 Advanced Placement courses as described above.

    Please, bear in mind that you must follow a pre-enrolment process at the Italian embassy of your country of residence. This process has to be carried out only if students have been accepted and have received the acceptance letter. For more details, please visit the following website.

    Non-EU students must follow the guidelines.

    EU students must follow the guidelines.


    General Information 

    For more information concerning Pisa, have a look at this website.