Summer School of Archaeology


The School of Archaeology announce the availability of a financial grant:

One of 1000 Euro grant sponsored by the University of Pisa are available to meritorious students from developing countries.For the purposes of grant eligibility, “developing Countries” are those defined by the World Bank.


 To ask the grant is necessary: apply to the school, send all documents required for the inscription with a cover letter where student explains briefly the motivefor the grant request.



The Summer School will take place in Abruzzo one of the most beautiful region of central Italy. The program is a four-week course organized in collaboration with Soprintendenza Archeologia dell’Abruzzo and with the important support of other research centers for Mediterranean studies.

The aim of our intensive course is to increase awareness and competencies about archaeological and methodological issues through an intensive four weeks program of lectures, laboratories and field activities.

The UNIPI Summer School of Archaeology offers its participants a diachronic (multi-period) approach to the study of the Archaeology. Through this approach, participants will gain a deeper knowledge of the archaeology from the prehistoric to the roman period.

Furthermore, the program includes visits to major museums and open-air sites to provide participants with an essential overview and a comprehensive understanding of topics dealt with during the lessons.