Terms and Condition


The Summer School of Archaeology in Abruzzo is an accredited academic program offered by the University of Pisa.

The Summer School of Archaeology in Abruzzo will take place on July 9 to August 6, 2017. The first day will be the “arrival day” (9 August) and the last day will be the “check-out day” (6 August). The official summer school programme starts on 10 August 2017.


Participation is open to students in Archaeology, Classical studies and Anthropology and other similar degree classes, at the undergraduate and graduate levels. No prerequisites are requested for the field activities; students will be trained for all the activities they’ll experience.

Admission is limited to 24 students (minimum 8). In the case of a number of enrollment applications exceed the number of places available, you will be given a preference by the order of presentation.



In case of student withdrawal, all fees minus a non-refundable deposit of 450 Euro will be refunded until May 3, 2017. After May 3, 2017 fees will not be refunded.

In the unlikely event of course cancellation by the University of Pisa, all fees will be refunded.

The summer school, by email, will provide to inform participants of a cancellation in case the minimum number of participants will be not reached, at the first week of June. Participants should keep this in mind when making travel arrangements; any expenses made other than course fees, will not be reimbursed.



The official language of the Summer School is English. Having a good command of the Italian language is definitely not required, but people in this area may possibly not speak English. Students are then encouraged to have an Italian dictionary with them at all times.


In order to enable students to obtain credits from their Universities, the Summer School will issue signed certificates for all the activities made during the Field School, specifying type and hours, for 10 Pisa University credits.


To participate in Summer School must be filled the application form and send it at: summerschool.abruzzo@cfs.unipi.it   with a curriculum vitae (summarize) and a copy of ID or Passport.

After the acceptance in the school the student must provide:

– Tetanus vaccination’s note issued by your doctor.

– Proof of Insurance – students must have valid international health and injury insurance.

– Payment, to be made through a bank transfer in two steps (initial deposit and final payment).

– Travel itineraries – all students must provide detailed travel itineraries as soon as they (before arriving at school) are available. This information will allow field school staff to arrange airport/train station pick-ups and drop-offs in advance.

Failure to provide all the above-mentioned documents and payment within the terms specified at the time of admission will constitute an automatic forfeiture of the student’s place in the summer school.


Most students will not need a visa for visiting Italy since the summer school course runs for less than three months. However, it is the candidate’s responsibility to look into this matter independently. For more information about your specific visa application procedure, please contact the Italian embassy closest to your city of residence.


Students will be required to pay the deposit (450 Euro)  within two weeks of their admission (sent by e-mail). The rest of fees (1700 Euro) will have to be paid no later than 3 May 2017.  In case of student withdrawal, all fees minus a non-refundable deposit of 450 Euro will be refunded until May 3, 2017. After May 3, 2017 fees will not be refunded.

In the unlikely event of course cancellation, fees will be refunded in full (any applicable processing fees may not be refunded).


The participation in the Summer School of Archaeology Abruzzo involves intense physical activity and possibly high temperatures (over 32°C or 90 °F) during the workday. It is mandatory that all students consult with their physician to confirm that they will be able to endure the demands of working outdoors for several hours.

In case of students with medical special conditions and/or needs, a specialist’s note will be required. In order to guarantee safety and proper intervention in case of emergency, medical history information must be included in the physician’s note. Such information will be treated with absolute confidentiality and will not be disclosed to any third party unless required to safeguard the students’ health.

Given the potential exposure to pathogens in the soil, students must have had a tetanus vaccination or booster within the past ten years; no other vaccinations are required to travel to Italy.

tetanus vaccination note issued by your doctor is required.

All students enrolled in summer school will enjoy basic medical insurance.

It is strongly recommended a further valid international health and injury insurance (made available through student travel centers). Students are required to provide policy information (c