Summer 2016

Preliminary programme and timetable  of 2016  Summer School of Archaeology

Dates of school: 10th  July – 7th August 2015


Our is a full time programme:

From Monday to Wednesday :






8-13 Field activities


 Activities with the school staff or free time Activities with the school staff or free time
15-18 Field activities or

school activities (lessons or Laboratory)


Activities with the school staff or free time


Field activities: 2 weeks on prehistoric site of S.Stefano and 2 weeks on roman site of Alba Fucens.


Prehistoric Archaeology (the most ancient population of Italy, neolithization, cultural remains, cultural aspects, etc..)  12 hours
Classical Archaeology (the roman empire, roman architecture, numismatics,etc..)  Hours (parts on site and parts on Rome)
Methodology (techniques and methodology of excavation, itc application, geophysical landscapes, etc..) 20 Hours (parts on sites)
Experimental Archaeology 6 hours c.a.
Archaeometry 10 Hours (parts on sites)
Total 61 hours


Some hour of Methodology and Archaeometry will be carried out on sites.

Some hour of Archaeology will be carried out on site of S.Stefano, Alba Fucens and in other particular location like Rome or other sites of Fucino.



Technique of materials treatment and Restoration 20
Graphic Laboratory 6
Digital treatment of archaeological data 6
Total 32 hours