Laboratories are mainly conducted at Museo Celano Paludi. This is an archaeology museum in Celano, Province of L’Aquila (Abruzzo). The museum was built a few years after the discovery of a pile-dwelling village built on the banks of the Fucino lake.

The purpose of the laboratories is to develop competencies and a good know-how about the treatment and the analysis of the archaeological materials and archaeological data.

The Laboratory of  Restoration (LR) inside the Museum is an official structure of the Archaeological Superintendence of Abruzzo. With the help of the instructors of the school and the specialists of the Laboratory the student will be involved into the main activities related to the treatment of archaeological materials: Procedures for cleaning, consolidation, restoration, labeling, drawing the most important items, inventory and cataloguing.

Inside of LR, with the collaboration of the CNR of Pisa, will be conducted some of the archeometric analysis of the different kinds of archaeological materials (XRF analysis)

Some of Laboratories activities like Photogrammetry, use of Total Station, use of Drone, will be conducted for the theoretical part in Lab and for the practical aspect on sites.