RELATORI: Wafa’ Abdel Rahman
    TITOLO: Palestinian civil society: media, youth and women
    DOVE: Aula F, Polo Fibonacci
    QUANDO: lunedì, 11 aprile, ore 16:00

    ABSTRACT: Shaping media and public discourse through an alternative women and youth discourse is a process that necessitates that measures to increase women and youth’s participation ought to be complemented by consistent and systemic integration of context-specific gender-aware perspectives and the development of woman-empowering political, economic, social, and human rights. All these issues will be discussed in the seminar, focusing also on their relation to the wider struggle of the Palestinian people against the Israeli occupation.

    RELATORE: Wafa’ Abdel Rahman is the founder and general director of FILASTINIYAT, a Palestinian non-governmental organization committed to supporting the equitable participation of women and youth at all levels of public discourse. She is also the founder and chief editor of Nawa, a feminist news agency. Ms. Abdel Rahman was chosen as an Eisenhower Fellow in 2007 and was subsequently selected as the Ward Wheelock Fellow, an award given annually to a recognized leader from the Middle East who has best demonstrated a commitment to public causes. She is a television host and media analyst, and has published many articles in local and regional newspapers. She has a master’s degree in the politics of alternative development strategies from the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague and a bachelor’s in history and political science from Birzeit University.